Few things in life produce more risk and reward than running your own business. No matter what size business you own, adequate business insurance is critical to managing that risk. Protecting your business from financial disaster not only preserves your hard work, but also provides peace of mind.

Business insurance generally falls into different categories including property, loss of income, liability, auto, workers compensation and bonding. However, businesses are as varied as people and it’s extremely important you understand the possible insurance needs of your particular business. While business insurance needs vary, Martin Insurance can help business owners large and small find the right coverage with the right company. Many of the companies we represent offer special programs for your particular business needs.

Is your business adequately prepared for the unthinkable? Can your business withstand an all-to-common law suit? Do you know how much liability coverage to carry? Is your building adequately insured? Are you carrying the necessary Worker’s Compensation coverage? Are your vehicles adequately insured? Can your business survive an interruption of its operations? There are many factors to consider when insuring your business.

While “one size fits all” does not apply to business insurance, a small to medium sized business is usually a good candidate for a bundled Business Owners Policy (BOP) tailored to cover most business insurance needs. However, there may be some conditions that require special consideration. If your business requires more flexibility the professionals at Martin Insurance can tailor a business insurance program to address your specific needs.

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